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Strategic Goal Driven Performance

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"Through my experiences competing at the highest level on the PGA Tour, I understand first hand what it takes to succeed at this game. I became passionate about helping golfers of all skill levels understand the commitment to execute their goals.”

- James Oh



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"Some teaching pros tend to go into robot mode, offering the same song-n-dance to everyone. James knows how to customize instruction. If you make the choice to dedicate your life to your dreams, James is the catalyst who helps you get there."

Mark Baldwin

"James can do anything he requires his student to do; he can show them directly! It’s not just a theory. He can show a student what’s right and what’s wrong right in front of them with the golf ball."

Jay Hwang

"Many coaches nowadays only focus on the golf swing—social media has romanticized it. James focuses on making sure the ball is doing what you envision, not only on full shots, but on and around the green as well. He puts together a very specific practice routine that leaves me with a sense of optimism and fulfillment each time I do it."

Andrew Morgan

"My confidence has grown and I learn more and more about my swing every year. James and I have developed practice plans for when I am home and when I am on the road playing tournaments. He taught me how to believe in this plan."

Brianna Do

James reveals what truly improves your game. What separates him from the run-of-the-mill golf instructor is his insight from years of professional golf. I’ve had many different coaches before meeting James. He teaches the little nuances about the game that you can’t find from books, articles, or videos. I recommend him if you’re seriously looking to play at a higher level.

Borin Ean